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Final Submission - Files

Final UT Environment

Draft 1 UT Environment

Final Sketchup - Two offices+Bridge+Elevators+Dinning Table


Hi Jules, the three custom textures are named max1, max2 and max3 in mylevel, just in case they are missing.

There is something wrong with the lighting in the UT editor but works fine in the game.

Final Submission for Experiment 3 - 22/06/09

Final Submission for sketchup images

Building Overview

Meeting Space - Bridge

The Dinning table design is based on the idea of working apart together. My design is an individual dinning table with two benches connecting to it. The continuity of the dinning table conveys the idea of coexistence between the two different powers. The dinning table invites the clients from two totally different fields, come together, being in a state of proper equilibrium.

Prada's space

Elevator - Prada

Prada's elevator is designed based on the color concepts, the openings project a shifting shadow into the interior space throughout different time during the day. The color is simple as white but the light and personal possessions would add the color.

Obama's Space

Obama's elevator

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bridge - Meeting Space

The bridge/meeting space is still under construction. The architectural approach for the meeting space is to achieve a sense of coexistence between the two clients. The bridge will be the focal point that not only brings Obama and Prada together to share their personalities, but provides them with power to discuss and draw common interests out of their own careers - politic and fashion.

New draft

To achieve a sense of coexistence, large open spaces are created to keep the space overwhelming and neutral, hence when the two power meets, they are actually standing on the same level and ground.

First draft